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Be A Good Example

September 17, 2013

Be A Good Example

Children learn and become who THEY are by watching their parents, listening to the people around them and studying the behaviors of those they come in contact with. It’s as simple as this… If you have children and they see you lie, they will lie. If you talk like a sailor, so will they. If you show no respect or empathy for others, they will show you no respect or empathy. BE WHO YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO BECOME

Teach Responsibility

September 16, 2013

Teach Responsibility

Teach your children responsibility, hold them accountable for their actions because, if you don’t… the rest of the world will.

Watch Over The Children

September 15, 2013

Watch Over The Children

I think the art says it all.

Let Him Grow Up

September 15, 2013

Let Him Grow Up

It seems more often than not, girls are rushing to get married at a younger age. Well be careful ladies as you won’t even know what he will turn out to be if you marry him before he is 28 or 29! He could end up being an engineer or he could end up being an alcoholic, wouldn’t like you like to know the answer to that question BEFORE you marry him? Time is not the enemy of love.

In The End…

September 12, 2013

In The End...

Trying a new style… what do you think?