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No Touchy the Merchandise!!

November 12, 2013

No Touchy the Merchandise!!

Let The SunShine In!

September 25, 2013

Let The SunShine In!


1. Smiling can turn into laughter and laughter is always good medicine.
2. Smiling can help you release some of the stresses of the day.
3. Smiling can make you happy even if you don’t think so!
4. Smiling makes us feel better.
5. Smiling can make somebody elses day a little brighter.
6. Smiling makes you look more like a princess.


Frowning tells your body you are SICK!

Say NO to Being a Bully!

September 18, 2013

Say NO to Being a Bully!

Hurting someone else will NEVER make you feel good about yourself. It won’t put a smile on their face and it won’t put one on yours. It’s so much better to find a way to touch someone’s heart and make them smile cuz it will make you smile as well!
Have a… Happy Day & Sparkle on!

Be A Good Example

September 17, 2013

Be A Good Example

Children learn and become who THEY are by watching their parents, listening to the people around them and studying the behaviors of those they come in contact with. It’s as simple as this… If you have children and they see you lie, they will lie. If you talk like a sailor, so will they. If you show no respect or empathy for others, they will show you no respect or empathy. BE WHO YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO BECOME