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Love What’s on the Inside

September 28, 2013

Love What's on the Inside

Remember the old saying… Never judge a book by its cover? Well, get to know those around you, you may discover that just like an old book, there is a wonderful story waiting inside that person that you have yet to discover. Sparkle on!

Let The SunShine In!

September 25, 2013

Let The SunShine In!


1. Smiling can turn into laughter and laughter is always good medicine.
2. Smiling can help you release some of the stresses of the day.
3. Smiling can make you happy even if you don’t think so!
4. Smiling makes us feel better.
5. Smiling can make somebody elses day a little brighter.
6. Smiling makes you look more like a princess.


Frowning tells your body you are SICK!

Say NO to Being a Bully!

September 18, 2013

Say NO to Being a Bully!

Hurting someone else will NEVER make you feel good about yourself. It won’t put a smile on their face and it won’t put one on yours. It’s so much better to find a way to touch someone’s heart and make them smile cuz it will make you smile as well!
Have a… Happy Day & Sparkle on!

Sparkle On!

September 17, 2013

Sparkle On!

LOVE is a powerful thing, we all have it in us to give and we all know how good it feels to get it. So smile at the person eating alone, ask a simple… “how are you”, help an older lady load her groceries, you will never know how you can change someones life with a few simple words, a kind gesture, or a loving smile. Sparkle on!

Watch Over The Children

September 15, 2013

Watch Over The Children

I think the art says it all.

Let Him Grow Up

September 15, 2013

Let Him Grow Up

It seems more often than not, girls are rushing to get married at a younger age. Well be careful ladies as you won’t even know what he will turn out to be if you marry him before he is 28 or 29! He could end up being an engineer or he could end up being an alcoholic, wouldn’t like you like to know the answer to that question BEFORE you marry him? Time is not the enemy of love.